Friday, June 20, 2014

Republic Wireless, smart money saver

As promised...

Here is my alt to the alternate cell company (I wrote a post previously on Ting mobile in combo with google voice, was a sweet deal while it lasted)

I recently switched from Ting (whom I loved, its crazy how good the service was, honestly unbelievable) the switch was easy but time consuming as I wanted to keep my google voice number.

Republic is a little different than we're used to, on a lot of levels.

Its not expensive
Its very progressive
Its no contract
It works

I love deals, obviously I don't even have dollar in my name its cents, but I don't like a deal for the sake of a deal, I love them when its functional.

Republic wireless uses hybrid calling  (when your near wifi, you call via wifi, when your away, you use cell connection depending on what plan you choose) its perfect if your just a little tech savvy and have wifi at your house,office,family you visit, school wherever you hang your hat.

Like Ting, they use their own sort of tier system which I love, Ting is (sorry Ting, not trying to low blow you, you know I love you) a modern tracfone in every sense, you can choose so many great phones its crazy and pay by the minute. Republic is a pay monthly plan that I really like even better.

You can see how monthly can be easier or harder depending on your usage, for me I get to continue paying the $10 a month I was with Ting/GoogleVoice combo but get more than I had before.

So now that I'm fully switched, a few months in I feel I can accurately give you the pros and cons of my new little scheme to avoid the $60/$90 monthly payments.


Very cheap

Great service

Awesome phones

I can switch plans twice a month (anywhere, I'm driving, I need directions I can hit a button on the phone and upgrade to the $25 plan for just as long as I need it, I'll update once I've used this awesome idea)


I have to search for wifi when I'm out (but I'm rarely far from wifi)

Only two phone choices (Motorola, and more Motorola. If you have brand commitment your not going to be happy)

You need to know a little about technology (great-grandma is going to be calling you, a lot)

I ordered the Moto X right before they released the Moto G (face palm) the phone is pricey up front but I calculated the cost and so long as I don't wreck the phone I'm still getting more for my money paying up front (had my last phone over three years so I'm generally not dropping them in the toilet)

Now this phone is awesome, I know you love your iphone or your galaxy, that's cool, but play with one of these, Motorola does not disappoint.
I've also gotten the chance to play with the Moto G (check the reviews for both these phones on amazon to see what I'm talking about) and its not much different than the X.

I'm not racing to return my Moto X, its mine :) I love it I'm keeping her, but if I could go back I'd wait for the Moto G, half the cost just as fast with really almost all the same features its crazy.

Have I ever dropped a call? Nope
Have I ever dropped the phone? More than that, my toddler has whipped it across the room, on tile.
No screen cracks that are notorious with the precious Apple, no dead pixel line I was cursed with on my galaxy.

So to give a brief review to you, Republic is going to limit your phone choices, even though they are amazing, and give you great service and a lot of savings for your sacrifice.

As with Ting, they offer a referral bonus that I'll leave right here

It gives me $20, gives you  $20, win win

However, Ting does this as well, so I'm going to have to say, if you want more variety in phone choice, you really can't beat Ting, but if your looking for cost effectiveness or maximum function with your device and money I can't praise RW enough.

Alright enough with my love fest, go use your google machine and decide for yourself where you'll vote with your cents.       



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